Release Notes January 11th, 2024

Release Notes January 11th, 2024


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Changes included in Version 5.3.0 of Passcreator 

New features

  • Support generic pass type in Google Wallet.
  • Schedule delivery of Sendout Jobs in advance.
  • Added condition for visibility for Barcodes.
  • Added second aggregate field to Analytics to allow for date-histogram charts that show one line per value.
  • Added template_name and template_id as aggregate field in Analytics.
  • Added operatingSystem-placeholder that can be used in conditions for visibility to control field-visiblity based on the operating system a user downloads the pass (e.g. {operatingSystem} == iOS will only show the field on iOS, {operatingSystem} == Android will only show it on Android).


  • Remove default change message from back fields to not trigger field-change notifications by default.
  • Use headline of download page as title if it is defined in the download page settings.
  • Show main dashboard before custom dashboards.
  • The search field in the Messages module now by default does a fuzzy search so you can enter parts of email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Improved speed of data retention policies.
  • Added feature to show the JSON definition of a query in the new search. This JSON can be used in the new API endpoints that will be released in the next weeks.


  • Filter for last year was not working properly.
  • Changing a password required two logins afterwards.
  • Show passes that don't have a value for the aggregate field in Analytics charts.
  • Updates were not always sent in bulk update jobs.
  • lastUsage12 was not detected as a system placeholder.
  • Make sure interval is not shown in Analytics if a non-date field is selected as aggregate field.
  • Option to enforce uniqueness of userProvidedIds was not working in create and update pass API endpoints.
  • Updated link to Google Wallet API terms of service in data privacy section.
  • Searching for personal data was throwing an error in some cases.
  • Downloading app scans was showing an error message if a user doesn't have enough permissions to see all related data. The export is now generated successfully and the data is not included in the export.
  • Images on Google Wallet passes couldn't be removed in some cases.
  • Handle images that are too big in loyalty tier functionality.
  • Convert images with an invalid sRGB profile to valid ones so they don't lead to an error.
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