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Google Wallet is Google's solution to offer passes, loyalty programs, event tickets and more. By using Passcreator you get support for Google Wallet passes automatically and can target an a massive global user base.

Passcreator makes creation of Google Wallet passes as easy as possible! Your users will automatically have a Google Wallet pass available where Passcreator takes care of all the details in the background. If you change something on your pass, it will update on the user's device.

A Google Wallet pass is connected to your users Google account and will synchronize to all devices!

Google Wallet pass on an Android phone
A push notification triggered by a pass in Google Wallet

Push Notifications

Passcreator supports Push Notifications for Google Wallet! You can use push notifiations to keep your users up to date about the latest news and helpful information related to your passes. Combining Passcreator's flexiblity and Google Wallet Push Notifications lead to higher customer retention and engagement.

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