Digitization of the Loyalty Program "THE CLUB" at Wormland

Person holding a Smartphone showing a Wallet Pass Wormland The Club Loyalty Card

About Wormland

Wormland, a German fashion retailer based in Hanover, specializes in men's apparel and accessories. The company is known for its unique style as well as its commitment to digitalization, sustainability, and customer service.


The challenge of a digital Customer Loyalty

Wormland faced the challenge of transitioning its traditional loyalty program, "THECLUB," from paper and plastic to digital to strengthen customer loyalty and enhance the shopping experience. 
Building an app that houses all loyalty features and allows Wormland to engage with their clients seemed like too much effort and was too expensive.

Passcreator as a Solution for Digital Loyalty Programs

Wormland chose Passcreator to digitally transform "THECLUB" instead. Through its partnership with Passcreator, Wormland was able to realize its vision of a modern and sustainable retail experience and communicate with customers.

In Passcreator, Wormland has defined various loyalty tiers based on the number of points collected. With the automatic updating of points, Wallet Passes are automatically adjusted with corresponding look and feel and specific content for each loyalty tier.

Efficient Integration and Personalization

A standout feature of Wormland's Wallet Passes is their seamless integration into customers' digital workflows. Thanks to various channels such as the WhatsApp chatbot, the online member portal, and the retail store, customers can quickly and easily register for "THECLUB."

Thanks to Passcreator's powerful API and quick and easy integration with the Salesforce CRM system was done in no time. Wormland was able to create an efficient onboarding process for customers. The ability to personalize Wallet Passes enables Wormland to provide unique and customer-centric offers.

Dynamic Customer Interaction and Geo-Fencing

Wormland can update points, send notifications, and track customer shopping behavior in real-time using a small integration between their systems and Passcreator's powerful API. This enables the company to conduct targeted marketing campaigns, save time and resources, and increase the overall ROI of its campaigns.

Furthermore, Wormland leverages Passcreator's Push Notification as well as Geo-Fencing feature to target customers near their stores or share the latest campaign directly on their lock screen. This allows for dynamic customer interaction and enhances the shopping experience through relevant and timely notifications.

Results and feedback

Tim Kälberer, CEO of Wormland, states: "Our partnership with Passcreator has been a game-changer for us and the way we serve our customers. Through the wallet pass, we’ve been able to speed up the registration process for THECLUB, prioritize our sustainability efforts, and make claiming and tracking rewards as easy as possible. Thanks to the ease-of-use of the Passcreator platform and support from the Passcreator team, our new digital THECLUB card opens up many new exciting opportunities for us to engage with our customers in ways we only thought were possible by building an expensive app."

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Through these innovative features and effective utilization of the Passcreator platform, Wormland can continuously enhance its customers' shopping experience, strengthen customer loyalty, and make a significant contribution to sustainability in retail by replacing paper and plastic cards with digital Wallet Passes.

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