Release Notes January 25th, 2024

Release Notes January 25th, 2024


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Changes included in Version 5.4.0 of Passcreator 

New features

  • Support utm tracking parameters on landing pages.


  • Reflect missing permissions in queries more gracefully.
  • Disable field to change certificate of a template if it is part of a project and show hint that certificate of project is used.
  • Support multiple, comma-separated, values in contains-queries of new Query language.
  • Improve speed of update delivery when global properties are used.
  • Added resource URIs that support userProvidedIds to the corresponding API endpoint.
  • Improve speed of CSV export.


  • Google Wallet passes contained wrong image in some cases.
  • Added missing translation for boarding passes in Editor.
  • Peak month widget in Dashboards was showing the wrong order.
  • Input field in segmentation disappeared when "is empty" or "not empty" was used before.
  • Error when creating boarding passes via API in some circumstances.
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