Dashboards - Release Notes December 14th, 2023

Dashboards - Release Notes December 14th, 2023


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Changes included in Version 5.2.0 of Passcreator 

New features

  • Custom Dashboards: create your own Dashboards based on Analytics Charts (you can find details in our Knowledge Base).
  • Allow separate favorites for new Analytics feature.
  • Added interval to Analytics (show data per day, week, month, quarter or year)
  • Added additional timeframes when filtering in Analytics (last twelve months, last year).
  • Customers with white-label URLs can use userProvidedIds in URLs.
  • Automatically saving emails that are collected on landing pages in the additional property landingpage.email.
  • Export audit log for a specific object as CSV (only available to admins or if specifically enabled for a role).


  • Push Service performance improvements.
  • Improve search speed significantly.
  • Improve performance of data rentention policies.


  • Certificate on projects couldn't be changed if it was a demo certificate.
  • Data from bulk processing jobs was not added to the index in the new search.
  • Paginating over a large number of passes was showing degraded performance.
  • In some cases the language was lost on redirects and the system switched back to default language.
  • Payment status on payment landing pages was not updated correctly in some cases.
  • Google Wallet showed fields twice if they shared a label in the past because of the internal field-logic.
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