Release Notes November 30th, 2023

Release Notes November 30th, 2023

Changes included in Version 5.1.0 of Passcreator 

New features

  • Added separate favorites for Analytics module (invite-only currently, read more here)
  • Exponential backoff for webhooks (requires retryEnabled set to true)
  • Creating and updating webhooks via user interface
  • Support userProvidedIds in resource URIs (direct links to Wallet passes)
  • Added "tag" to natively supported tracking-parameters (see here for details)
  • Renamed REST hooks to Webhooks

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Show one Add to Apple Wallet button per pass in a bundle if the iOS version is below iOS 15
  • Recognize desktop view in Chrome on iOS and not show Add to Google Wallet button
  • Improve speed of old and new search
  • After saving a template that used system placeholders, it was suggested to add them as additional property
  • Fix json-schema of create, update and describe endpoint of template API. Index was accidentally required
  • Saving an existing segment duplicated it (new segmentation)
  • Pass functionality images didn't show up properly on Google Wallet
  • Barcode alternative text wasn't shown correctly on Google Wallet passes
  • Placeholders in labels were not replaced properly in all cases on Google Wallet passes
  • Forward slashes were shown escaped by a backslash on Google Wallet passes
  • base64 encoded images were not imported properly in all cases
  • Webhooks related to a specific template were executed twice
  • The application switched to the default language in some cases even if another language was specified in the URL
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