The Anatomy of a Wallet Pass

Wallet passes offer different templates to approach your customers with tailor-made content. Always with focus on simplicity and high quality presentation, whether it be vouchers, customer cards, membership cards or tickets.

The following pre-defined layouts are available:
- Event Ticket
- Coupon
- Store Card/Loyalty Card
- Boarding passes
- Generic

Supported features on the front of a pass:
- Single-line text
- Images depending on the layout you choose
- Barcode (QR, PDF417, Aztec, Code128)
- Number of fields varies based on the layout chosen, e.g. an event ticket can display more fields than a store card.
- Link to an app on the Apple App Store

Supported features on the back of a pass:
- Multiple fields with multiple lines each
- URLs, Emails, addresses, phone numbers
- HTML Links
- Link to an app on the Apple App Store

Details on the features of each layout can be found in Apple's documentation.


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