Use Cases


Mercedes Benz Consulting

Leinfelden Echterdingen, Germany

Mercedes Benz Consulting chooses Passcreator for individual and high-quality invitation management. Wallet passes designed according to the occasion and the target group serve as tickets or vouchers, which are perfectly used by the guests. At the reception, the guests are identified with the help of the Passcreator Companion App. This makes access quick and easy. Vouchers can be presented and redeemed at the event. For example, vouchers for drinks can be validated at sight or with the Companion App. They can be redeemed once or several times.

Mercedes Benz Consulting arranges a high number of exclusive or selected events per year, which are organized with our Wallet Card solution. Wallet passes are distributed via the in-house communication infrastructure.



Munich, Germany

Flamacon is a full-service advertising agency with a strong focus on storytelling and virtual 360° environments. ViCE360 combines aerial and ground footage and provides a perfect interface to distribute multimedia content. Marketing endeavours for tourism areas or industrial facilities can easily profit from this enormously versatile asset, for instance in support of interactive social media campaigns. A combination with Passcreator wallet solutions is particularly interesting in this context, creating a variety of new possibilities, i.e. the option to distribute coupons or perks in a virtual setup.

High-resolution ViCE360 tours support all browser formats (desktop, tablet, mobile) and can also easily be programmed or continued as apps. The technology is VR-ready and also suitable for event and trade fair presentations.



Munich, Germany

This car dealer is something special. A company that is historically linked to Munich and the way of life so typical of Munich and has a high reputation nationwide. To enhance the customer experience, Mahag uses a digital customer card that provides its customers with access to useful information.


IVY Club

St. Gallen, Switzerland

IVY Club is a night club in beautiful St. Gallen in Switzerland and is using Passcreator since 2017 for their online pre-sale of tickets and validation of these tickets at the events. Tickets are created individually per event which provides a great user experience. Users also receive push notifications for updates. One of the most notable events IVY Club hosted was a concert of renowned german Hip Hop artist Sido at the beginning of 2019.