Release Notes February 15th, 2024

Release Notes February 15th, 2024


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Changes included in Version 5.6.0 of Passcreator 

Changes of 5.5.0, which was an intermediary release, are also listed.

New features

  • Option to show an "Open Wallet" Button on download pages shown on iPhones instead of the "Add to Apple Wallet" Button.
  • Public Beta of API Version 3 with support for Passcreator Query language, bulk endpoints and more. View Documentation.


  • Exports of pass data are now done asynchronously if more the 500 passes are included.
  • Improve throughput of push notification delivery by caching commonly used data.
  • Show delete button for sendout jobs that are scheduled but not yet sent.
  • Performance improvement when creating or updating passes.
  • Hide fields in new segmentation and analytics that are not relevant.


  • Hide fields that can't be used in segmentation and analytics.
  • Make sure barcodeValue is returned correctly in API responses in all cases.
  • Smart Scan showed wrong number of scans if the App Configuration was cached.
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