Release Notes August 10th, 2023

Release Notes August 10th, 2023

Changes included in Version 4.18.0 of Passcreator


  • Support pass functionality tiers in template API.
  • Back fields can be changed in order and individual back fields can be removed (whereas previously only the last field could be removed).
  • Support the UUID, barcodeValue and userProvidedId (needs to be prefixed with the customer ID) in download URLs instead of the serial number which is the default.


  • Improve unlock app configuration link endpoint that is used by Smart Scan App.
  • Handle downtimes of VAT Validator of European Commission (VIES) gracefully.
  • Improve performance of push delivery.
  • Update cookie consent banner to meet current regulations.
  • Remove border around thumbnail in preview and allow any image ratio since it's also allowed by Wallet apps.
  • Update certificate wizard to meet an update of Apple's Developer portal.
  • Cleanup process for old bulk processing jobs. Lines of these jobs including result and error files will be removed after three months.
  • Show expirationDateDay placeholder in auto-complete dropdown.
  • Update hint regarding colors of Google Wallet passes (individual color per pass and setting text color is not supported in Google Wallet).


  • Add to Content-Security-Policy in order to render preview button in backend for Google Wallet passes.
  • Show scrollbar on download page content if excessively long texts are used (not recommended).
  • Payment status of invoices was not always updated if the payment succeeded.
  • Stamp cards with a negative stamp value (storedValue field) broke the preview in the backend.
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