Release Notes April 29th, 2024

Release Notes April 29th, 2024


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Changes included in Version 5.9.0 and 5.10.0 of Passcreator 

New features

  • Option to show links at the top of Google Wallet details view.
  • Option to ask for expiration date on landing pages.
  • Allow range queries in new Segmentation.
  • Added endpoint to read audit log (available on request).
  • New Integration type to export pass data to a FTP server on a regular basis.


  • Improve handling of unreachable passes.
  • Don't repeat values on details view of Google Wallet pass that are already shown on the front of the pass.
  • Send updates to passes that were marked unreachable for a certain amount of time to handle false positives more gracefully.
  • Added pagination to list of landing pages.
  • Disable sharing on Google Wallet passes if pass is only allowed to be saved by one user.


  • Fix issue that caused process status to be invalid due to concurrency issues.
  • doesNotContain of Passcreator query language did not work in some cases.
  • latitude and longitude of V3 API Endpoints did allow invalid values.
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