Store cards, event tickets, coupons and membership cards on your customer's smartphone

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Works with Apple Wallet & Google Pay!

Use the most widely supported native apps to provide mobile passes to your customers. Passcreator automatically recognizes your user's smartphone operating system and always provides the best user experience!

Apple Wallet passes are supported on iPhones out of the box!

Apple Wallet is pre-installed on all iPhones since iOS 6 which means nearly 100% of iOS users have it on their phone.

Google Pay passes are working seamlessly on Android!

Google Pay is the mobile Wallet app by Google and is integrated with your user's Google account seamlessly.

Coupon for RedBull simply Cola


Use the direct communication that is possible with Wallet passes by creating attractive offers for your customers. It connects your online marketing with your store in the most efficient way possible. Coupons can be redeemed and updated anytime even after they have been saved on your customer's smartphone. You can also remind your customers.
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Store cards

Closer to your customers. Show the current status of your loyalty program and attract them repeatedly with personalized offers. The advantage you get is that you can use and update the store cards anytime you want - without printing costs or manual interaction of your customers.

Digital Hotelcard store card saved in Apple Wallet
Event ticket for Mythos in Gothenburg

Event tickets

From selling passes to admittance at your event the process is customer-centric! Personalized push updates before the event or localized messages make sure your customers get the right information at the right time. The experience of your event starts before your event!

Membership cards

Full featured employee and membership management. Access management and more features can be used directly through your members Smartphones. Updates, Identification and validity can be shown on the Wallet passes and changed anytime necessary.

Membership Wallet pass for Professional tennis coaches association


Push Updates

Change the content of your Wallet passes after they have been saved on your customer's Smartphone and offer up-to-date information.

Visual editor

Passcreator includes a visual editor that shows you directly in your browser what the Wallet pass will look like on Smartphones.

Landing pages

Using personalized landing pages your customers can create their Wallet passes themselves - and you're generating more leads!

Sell Wallet passes

Using the landing pages on Passcreator you can sell Wallet passes using Stripe (credit card), PayPal and Sofort banking.

Mobile app to validate passes

Using the Passcreator companion app for pass issuers you can validate Wallet passes using your own iOS or Android device. Info about the scans can be downloaded online.

Location and time-based notifications

Add messages to your Wallet passes that will be shown on your users lockscreen if he reaches a certain location or time.

Social Media

Every Wallet pass you create with Passcreator is automatically optimized for social networks and can be shared easily.

API and Zapier

Integrating your own systems is a breeze using our API or the Zapier app we've created for you.


  • Affinion International
  • Telefonica Next
  • Infinigate Deutschland GmbH
  • Wire Communications

  • Hotelcard creates Membership cards their customers can use to get discounts in Hotels
  • Cinerent is creating VIP Tickets for their Open Air cinema Events
  • WHY NOT in Gothenburg sells and validates digital Tickets using Passcreator and Wallet passes
  • MAHAG, the largest car dealer in Munich, creates digital store cards
  • Haymarket creates digital event tickets with Passcreator

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