Mobile Wallet Overview

The smartphone has become a permanent companion. To enterprises and companies it offers an opportunity to get in touch with customers more ef ciently and to maintain regular contact.
As a marketing manager, you strive to create individual and mobile branding experiences that offer real added value to your customers and are easy and quick to use.

Passcreator’s Mobile Wallet solution is offering exactly this option!

Market observation indicates that the use of mobile wallet applications will grow continually. This technology caters especially to customers in relevant or user-orientated areas. Apps are an important part of marketing strategies, Mobile Wallet, however, will reach the customer, where Apps are not capable.

For marketing managers, Mobile Wallet is a new marketing channel. It also can supplement and strengthen existing app strategies.

The Ultimate Wallet Guide is a tool to design Mobile Wallet campaigns with Passcreator to boost your brand, to activate and inspire your customers.

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