Features and Benefits

With Passcreator, you can create all kinds of Wallet passes.
Loyalty programs, offers, gift vouchers, vouchers, event tickets, membership cards, ID cards and stamps.

Create, update, or validate passes. Communicate with your customers at the right moment and use existing passes on your customer's smartphone. More than 80% of your customers will not delete the passes and you'll reach out to them with your messages.

Passcreator features:
Manage your passes dynamically and continuously through our API connection.

With the graphical editor in Passcreator, you can create your passes intuitively and easily. The preview will show how the pass looks like on your customers' smartphone. Of course, you can also check the Wallet pass immediately on your own smartphone.

You can create and send an individual pass at any time. With the help of our bulk processing you can edit large batches by uploading your lists for processing on Passcreator. Thus the passes created are individually personalized.

We support the most widely used barcode formats: Code 128, Aztec, PDF417 and QR code.

Quick distribution:
Send the individual link to the Wallet pass to your customers, e.g. via SMS, social media, e-mail or an already existing app.

Tagging and segmenting:
Send your passes to selected and segmented target groups. This is done by using tags you define yourself. When customers have downloaded your Wallet pass onto the smartphone and are visiting your store, you can provide a push update to increase their sales and customer retention and also can make interesting offers.

Everywhere and everywhere:
On the right occasion, you can get in contact with your customers. Activate the wallet passes of your customers at the current position. Through geolocation and iBeacon support your customers are reminded to use the wallet pass.

Advantages of Passcreator:
• Create a constant engagement channel with dynamic wallet passes.
• Reach your mobile audience.
• Create updates.
• Your customer receives push notifications based on the stored location. Ideal to attract customers in the vicinity to a store business.
• Easy-to-use content with clickable links within the native Wallet app for iOS and Android devices.

To learn more and register for a free Passcreator test visit: www.passcreator.com

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