Store cards, event tickets, coupons and membership cards on your customer's smartphone

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Works with iOS and Android!

Use the most widely supported native apps to provide mobile passes to your customers. Passcreator automatically recognizes the operating system of a user and always provides the best experience for the system used.

This is the best way to connect with your users on their smartphones!


Apple Wallet passes are supported on iPhones out of the box!

The Apple Wallet app is pre-installed on every iPhone since iOS 6 which means that almost 100% of iOS users have it on their phone.

Google Pay passes are working seamlessly on Android!

If users are using Android we offer them the most convenient way of saving the pass on their device.

Push notifications on iOS and Android

Direct communication with your customers

Update the passes when they are on your customer's smartphone and notify customers about changes any time!
Wallet passes can display notifications based on a location and time you define or when you change the content of a pass.



Offer attractive coupons and update the contents anytime.


Store cards

Build lasting relationships with your customers using engaging loyalty programs.


Event tickets

Sell tickets and validate them. The way it should be today: everything online, everything mobile!



Membership management can be engaging, too! Use personalised cards for your members or employees.


Push Updates

Change the content of your Wallet passes after they have been saved on your customer's Smartphone and offer up-to-date information.

Visual editor

Passcreator includes a visual editor that shows you directly in your browser what the Wallet pass will look like on Smartphones.

Landing pages

Using personalized landing pages your customers can create their Wallet passes themselves - and you're generating more leads!

Sell Wallet passes

Using the landing pages on Passcreator you can sell Wallet passes using Stripe (credit card), PayPal and Sofort banking.

Mobile app to validate passes

Using the Passcreator companion app for pass issuers you can validate Wallet passes using your own iOS or Android device. Info about the scans can be downloaded online.

Location and time-based notifications

Add messages to your Wallet passes that will be shown on your users lockscreen if he reaches a certain location or time.

Social Media

Every Wallet pass you create with Passcreator is automatically optimized for social networks and can be shared easily.

API and Zapier

Integrating your own systems is a breeze using our API or the Zapier app we've created for you.


  • Mercedes Benz Consulting
  • Wire Communications
  • Telefonica Next
  • Infinigate Deutschland GmbH

  • BMW Group
  • cxLoyalty Deutschland
  • Insured Nomads
  • Primus Line Frankfurt

  • Hamburger Sportverein e.V. (HSV)
  • theHUB. Ibiza
  • MAHAG, the largest car dealer in Munich, creates digital store cards
  • Agency for customer management
  • Northern Territory