As Vendor

We make Wallet pass marketing possible!






Already with the release of the Passbook SDK in 2012 we have developed our Passcreator application. This application, which you can easily use with a web browser, was designed as a SaaS solution right from the start. This means that you can easily use Passcreator for your wallet pass campaign right away according to your needs. With the WYSIWIG editor you can start from scratch. You achieve very low ramp up times compared to the hyped app development. Your customers still experience very app-like usage for certain solutions that can be implemented with Wallet passes. Wallet's proven technology and popularity make it easy to implement the Passcreator application. The result is an easy and convenient to use direct marketing channel.

You can also use our API to connect Passcreator to your system architecture. The full functionality of Passcreator can be integrated into your workflow to create, update and manage wallet passes.

Are you ready for the future, way beyond apps?


We are constantly developing new functions, which we make available to you in the application. Special functions that are not directly implemented in Passcreator can be developed individually on request. This also includes the integration by our partners into existing or new shop systems.

It was important for us to implement a "Privacy by Design" concept right from the start. Your data belong to you and are secure according to the state of the art.

As a manufacturer of Passcreator, we also understand the integration into other existing system architectures and can support you. If necessary with the help of our selected partners.