The Oscars, United States

Press on the red carpet at the Oscars in Los Angeles, California


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Passcreator by Fobi have one big thing in common — a dedication to improving user experiences. That’s why Passcreator provided the Academy with an advanced digital ticketing solution for the 94th, 95th and 96th Oscars since 2022.

The Academy annually hosts the Oscars in the iconic Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California, with the most high-profile celebrities in the industry who have walked the red carpet at this prestigious event.

Digital Tickets for the Stars

With the biggest names in entertainment in attendance, the Academy required an efficient, reliable, and high-caliber ticketing and check-in solution to elevate the guest experience. The ability to safely and quickly welcome guests into the venue was critical and the Academy sought a flexible and secure digital ticketing solution for contactless entry.

Seamless Check-Ins

In 2022, Passcreator’s team updated their Smart Scan app to support the rugged Janam pedestals and devices as well as their built-in NFC and laser scanner, making check-ins and scanning seamless for the Oscars since 2022.

Shaking Up the Status Quo

Historically event tickets have been static and entirely inflexible to change. Venue and event operators were limited to emails and on-premise engagement to communicate with guests, while the check-in process was anything but contactless. NFC-enabled tickets are shaking up the industry and Passcreator and Janam believe that ticketing and venue management can exceed the status quo. Together they deliver the most advanced, contactless, tap-and-go NFC-enabled access management solutions to swiftly verify credentials in just seconds.

Passcreator’s end-to-end digital access management and engagement solution automates the entire process for registration, ticketing, check-ins, and more. Through the wallet pass, Passcreator enables venue and event operators to engage with guests via lock screen push notifications, creating seamless user experiences that transform the standard for ticketing and access management and make the solution a perfect fit for the Oscars.

PIN Verification

The Academy used the built-in PIN verification feature from Passcreator for attendees to access their ticket download page, ensuring that each pass was being downloaded by the right person.

The Project

Passcreator created thousands of digital tickets for the Oscars. For the 94th Oscars, Passcreator delivered multi-location tickets that were used at both the Oscars and Governors Ball following the awards ceremony, where pass bundling functionality was then introduced and used at the 95th and 96th Oscars. The team worked closely with the Academy to make sure the Oscar’s intricate ticketing requirements are met. In doing so, the Academy set up 27 different types of personalized tickets to support the needs of this highly sophisticated event.

One Download, Multiple passes with Bundling

Where Passcreator provided the 94th Oscars with multi-location tickets using a single pass, pass bundling functionality was introduced at the 2023 Oscars to offer multiple event tickets in one easy download. Specifically, Passcreator delivered two NFC-enabled passes — one for the Oscars and another for the Governors Ball — and one QR code-based pass for parking.

Thanks to the NFC functionality, fully contactless ticketing and check-in for every attendee was a breeze. Tickets to the Oscars were sent to each attendee’s mobile phone and securely stored in their mobile wallet. Once tickets were scanned by Academy staff upon arrival, Janam’s mobile entry pedestals and handheld devices (running Passcreator's Smart Scan app), provided an NFC-based, contactless, tap-and-go experience that moved guests quickly and safely into Dolby Theatre. At its peak, Passcreator scanned 64 tickets per minute or 1.1 tickets per second for subsequent Oscars which is an impressive 52.4% increase compared to the prior year.

Oscars CTO Bev Kite

"The queue at the scanning devices was much shorter than in previous years so the digital ticket scanning worked very smoothly. The Passcreator team were great to work with on this project and were amazing collaborators and implementers."

Bev Kite
CTO, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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