What is Wallet?

Wallet apps are apps that are both used to save digital passes like coupons, membership cards store cards and event tickets as well as means of payment like credit cards. The two most common apps are Apple Wallet and Google Pay. With Apple Pay and Google Pay both apps support paying in physical stores.

Passcreator is a service that allows you to create, manage, deliver and update Wallet passes for these apps. Wallet passes can be used to create a communication channel with your customers by leveraging the push notification feature that is included which results in an app-like experience without having to deliver an app.

Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet is Apple's native app on all iOS devices since iOS 6 (released in 2012) which means that you can expect nearly all iOS customers to have the app on their phones. Wallet can be used to save all cards that would otherwhise be found in your physical wallet but there's a lot more like push notifications, beautiful imagery and location and time based notifications that show up directly on your lock screen.
The advantage for end users is that they don't have to download an app since Wallet is already there!
Your customers can use Apple Wallet even if Apple Pay hasn't been launched in their country.

See our Features and Use Cases pages to learn about what you can do with it!

Google Pay

Google Pay is Google's solution for mobile passes and mobile payment. The features of Google Pay that can display and manage passes are called "Google Pay for passes" and have received a major update in 2018 by e.g. adding event tickets and boarding passes which wasn't possible before. Google Pay is around for a couple of years already but has formerly been called Android Pay.
Google Pay is not preinstalled on Android devices by default but is closely connected to user's Google accounts which makes the user experience a lot easier since passes that are saved on a desktop computer are automatically synchronised to their phones.
Google Pay currently supports updating passes but is only displaying location and time based notifications.

Wallet Passes

Wallet Passes is a third party app for Android that is capable of displaying and saving Wallet passes. It also supports push notifications as Apple Wallet does.
Using Passcreator you can choose if you want to provide passes for Google Pay or Wallet Passes for your Android users.

What, if I don't have a Smartphone?

Passcreator is able to automatically provide a print version of the Wallet passes that you create. This means you can get and use the Wallet pass without a smartphone.
You can simply print out a version of your wallet pass and show it if necessary.