Can I use Wallet on my Smartphone?

Wallet passes can be saved on all iPhones with iOS 6 or higher.

For Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Amazon Kindle Fire you can download third party apps. To save Wallet-Passes on these devices you'll need to install an app first:

If you get a wallet card on one of these operating systems from Passcreator, we will help you to get the right app and deliver the wallet card directly to this app. You can use it instantly then.


What is Wallet?

Wallet is an app initially developed by Apple. It can be used to store digital passes that represent a real life action like event tickets, store cards, vouchers, gift cards, stamp cards, membership cards, VIP cards, value cards etc.

Wallet comes preinstalled on every iPhone with iOS 6 or higher. More information about Wallet can be found here:

Wallet Apps are available for all major smartphone platforms as well.


What, if I don't have a Smartphone?

Wallet passes will also be sent by email. This means you can get and use the wallet pass without a smartphone.
You can simply print out a version of your wallet pass and show it if necessary.