Stamp Cards

Enhance customer loyalty and boost sales with our digital wallet stamp cards. Encourage repeat business, increase average transaction values, and stay connected with your customers through targeted promotions. Collect valuable customer data for informed decision-making, all while enjoying the cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness of a digital solution. Stand out from competitors and offer a convenient, engaging, and rewarding experience to your customers. Join the future of loyalty programs with our easy-to-use digital solution.

Case Study - Frau Bauch

"Frau Bauch" (German for Mrs. Bauch) is running two stores in the larger Ingolstadt-area in Germany, one for kidswear and toys, the other one for womenswear and accessories. Frau Bauch is offering their digital stamp card through QR codes in-store that are scanned by customers. They then enter their data on Passcreator's built-in landing pages. At the POS, customers present their Wallet pass that is automatically shown on the lock screen using geo-based notifications. The pass is scanned using Passcreator Smart Scan which allows Frau Bauch-employees to add or remove stamps as needed.

Customers get one stamp per 25€ spent and once a stamp card is full, the clients get a 10% discount and the pass is reset and stamp collection starts again.

Using Passcreator's Dashboards, Frau Bauch can see the distribution of stamps accross customers and can use the segmentation feature to send messages to e.g. only customers with less than five stamps to incentivize them to use current promotions.