Coupons & Vouchers

Offer app-less and paperless coupons and vouchers that customers never have to dig for again. Send personalized promotions and automatic updates straight to their mobile devices to drive sales, build product awareness, and increase customer lifetime value.

Case Study - eurotrade, Airport Munich

eurotrade was looking for a way to advertise the in-store promotions via digital channels even before departure. Wallet boarding passes are well-established in the airline industry for a long time and is therefore a known and accepted means of communication among the target group.

Since 2019, Wallet coupons issued with Passcreator have been used and in some cases linked to other channels, such as ads on the Miles & More website or the "Passngr" app.

By combining the existing communication channels with Wallet coupons, the success of individual advertising media can be analyzed better. In addition, the push functionality makes it possible to remind the user upon arrival at the airport. In addition to broadly distributed promotions, the use of a wallet coupon also allows for highly targeted campaigns.

This combination has led to the fact that the Passcreator coupons have now been an integral component of the eurotrade marketing campaigns for some time.