Release Notes June 13th, 2024

Release Notes June 13th, 2024


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Changes included in Version 5.12.1 of Passcreator 

New features

  • New feature to enforce unique user provided IDs for user provided ID patterns (in simpler terms: you can ensure that each email address can only sign up once on a landing page)
  • New link that allows end users to edit their data. Requirement is that an email address or phone number is contained in the additional properties. Passcreator will send a one time token to the email address or phone number that is required before users can edit their data.
  • Support pushNotificationText in update API endpoint. This is important for customers that want to use Google Wallet push notifications since triggering notifications based on the change message of a template is not supported.
  • Opt In/Opt Out mechanism based on checkbox and field on pass' data rather than moving the pass to another template (this does not replace the existing mechanism but rather extends it)


  • Limit number of bulk processing jobs that are shown in filters to 50 to improve performance when an account has a high number of jobs.


  • No bundling parameter was not taken into account on Windows desktop views of download pages in all cases.
  • Fixed new search that had multiple contain operators in one group.
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