A better Wallet Pass experience for our Android users

A better Wallet Pass experience for our Android users

We'll offer a new third-party app for Android users starting September 23rd. The PassWallet app is one of the most popular and modern wallet apps on the market. The user experience is very much oriented towards the Wallet App on iOS, which is an important factor for the user experience in many campaigns.

Because of our close cooperation with the provider of this app, updates and features are provided on a regular basis which is a great benefit for your campaigns. We are working on offering new features in the future.

What to look out for?

We take care of a smooth transition from Wallet Passes to PassWallet. Passes that have been created for your current campaigns will continue to work and also receive push messages. The functionality of your passes created with Passcreator is guaranteed, no matter which Android app your users use.

Good to know!

If you use PassWallet with Passcreator, no ads will be displayed!

Feature Update July 2019