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Topic today: The voucher


To get your customers to come to your shop, give them a good reason. Make them an offer you can't refuse. The resulting added value will work well as a voucher.


  1. Your marketing department or agency has worked hard. Printed matter may be created, ads may be placed online and offline. But none of this effectively goes into the hands of your customers so that they can withdraw the voucher when they want to redeem it. Online advertising is an important tool, but it also misses the customer's perception. This way customers will not be able to enjoy the voucher and you will not be able to achieve your desired turnover.
    And nowadays you don't have to develop an app for a voucher campaign to be the focus of customer perception - on your smartphone. An app is too expensive for this purpose anyway and is installed in the rarest cases.


A good way is the wallet pass.


Many already know it from the boarding pass or the ticket to the train journey.
Some already know the wallet pass as an event ticket.
Proven and positively known.


Just try it out!
Open this page on your smartphone and download one of these demo cards into the wallet app. 

Gutschein Prozente Demo
Gutschein Zugabe Demo
Gutschein Sonderpreis Demo
Gutschein Kino Demo

Plenty of advantages

  1. Advantage No. 1: The Wallet App is pre-installed on the iPhone under iOS. Installed on Android with just one click and can also be used for all other wallet passes.
    Advantage No. 2: The wallet passes are quickly designed and ready for use. The wallet pass is ready for use for the campaign within a few minutes.
    Advantage No. 3: Wallet passes establish a communication channel to the customer. Keep a customer up to date with information or updates about the voucher or product.
    Advantage no. 4: With the wallet pass, the customer always has all relevant information at hand. If you change your voucher offer, or want to supplement it, this is possible at any time.
    Advantage No. 5: The Wallet pass costs only a tiny fraction of print media with shipping.
    Advantage #6: Wallet passes remain on the smartphone for a long time. So you can carry out your campaign accordingly carefully.
    Advantage #7: Wallet passes grow with your tasks. Simply start a campaign, increase customer benefit through individualization. An anonymous voucher can become a customer card, as the wallet card can be updated visually and in content at any time.
    Advantage No. 8: Wallet passes work worldwide. Stay in touch with your customers about your added value.
    Advantage No. 9: Unlimited push notifications possible during the campaign. For example, you can point out the approaching end of the voucher campaign and motivate the customer to redeem it quickly.
    Advantage No. 10: Geo localization - the customer receives a message on the lock screen as soon as he is in a defined location. This can be e.g. "You are very close to... Think of your voucher!".

A few disadvantages

Disadvantage No. 1: Your customer cannot redeem the vouchers because the mobile phone has been forgotten.
Disadvantage no. 2: Vouchers deleted from the mobile phone cannot be redeemed.
Disadvantage no. 3: Each of your customers must have a mobile phone.
Disadvantage no. 4: Customers could often redeem a voucher and increase sales.
Disadvantage No. 5: If the value of the voucher is not attractive, the voucher will not be redeemed.

Your starter packs

Deine Starterpakete

Each offer includes the following services:
Setting up a template, uploading the CSV file, creating the Wallet cards, providing the CSV file with the links to the Wallet cards. (Ideal if you want to send the links of the wallet cards yourself. If you still need our support, choose the right one for your campaign from the offer-plus options.


1.000 Wallet passes
only 480,—/per month!


10.000 Wallet passes
only 800,—/per month!


100.000 Wallet passes
only 4.400,—/per month!

Plus 1

Sending by e-mail - Setting up the standard form, your data, the list and dispatch = 400,--.


Plus 2

Dispatch via SMS - setup, implementation, dispatch = 200,-- (plus carrier fees for the SMS)

Plus 3

Provision as online advertising e.g. in social media
Price on request

  1. The campaign periods can be freely selected for all offers.
    However, we recommend at least 4 weeks, as not all campaigns can be noticed faster by your customers.
    The optimal period of a campaign is 8-12 weeks.
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