Installing Wallet Pass

To save Wallet passes on Windows Phone devices you need to install Wallet Pass first.

Wallet Pass can be purchased in the Windows Phone Marketplace:

Open Wallet Pass in the Windows Phone Marketplace

1. Add to Wallet Pass

To save your Wallet pass in the Wallet Pass app tap on "Add to Wallet Pass".

Download page for Wallet passes on Windows Phone

2. Open the pass

You might have to confirm that you want to open the Wallet pass by tapping on "Tap to open".

Open Wallet pass on Windows Phone device

3. Save pass in the Wallet Pass app

If Wallet Pass is installed you should see your Wallet pass now.

To save it in Wallet Pass tap on the three dots in the lower right of the screen and tap on "Save".
Your Wallet Pass is now saved in Wallet Pass and can be shown by opening the app anytime.

Wallet pass saved on Windows Phone