Be smart!

Be smart!

The topic of wallet cards is also becoming topical for you? Then get on with us. More and more marketing campaigns are now using wallet cards for their end customers either as an alternative, a supplement or even exclusively. 

These are the things you want to know or simply forget about Wallet pass marketing:


The typical reaction of users to wallet passes:


"The boarding pass in the wallet app? Sure, I know it."

"My customer cards, my 15% coupons for my new sneakers, my ticket for the next event, my boarding passes for local transport and my bonus card in the coffee shop? All also in the Wallet App? I didn't know that before!"

"I don't have to look hard anymore. And I'll be kept informed? With, what's it called? With Push Notifications? So I won't forget anything? Not bad. On the back of the wallet pass I find useful information? Directions, contact addresses etc. Fits."

"Oh, is it costing me anything? No? Great. - "Well, if the offer's right, I'm in!"


That interests the marketeer:


The first question is "How much is it?" - Well, it's much cheaper than an app.

"What do we need for that?" - Our application and content with added value, real added value, for the end customer.

"How soon could this be used?" - Right away. Register and get started.

"What about integration?" - No thing, our API is very well documented.

"Can you support us in the implementation?" - Yes, technically and organisationally.

"Does it only work under iOS?" - No, Android works the same way!

"Can Passcreator be integrated into existing campaigns?" - Yes.

"How do I send wallet passes?" - By email or SMS. Distribution in social media is also possible.


That interests the IT guy:


"What is Passcreator?" - A SaaS web application based on the PHP framework flow.

"API?" - Yep! is a RESTful API that also supports REST hooks to push information into third-party systems.

"DSGVO?" – Sure.

"Server in the EU" - Google Cloud in the EU! Data is stored in encrypted form. Geographically redundant backup.

"Elaborate integration?" - Nope.

"Scalable?" - Scalable!

"Passes are digitally signed?" - Yes, requires an Apple Developer Account.

"How are payments processed?" - PCI-compliant service providers such as PayPal, Stripe. Klarna.


... for all other questions or ideas give us a buzz.

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